Februaryy 2024: info updates.


January 2024: info updates.

I've made a difficult decision over the holiday period. I am not going to do much more now with this news-page, mainly because the web-stats indicate a notable reduction in true visitor numbers and a greater increase in spam. In addition, I'll be trimming the size of the website down to just a few pages; retaining a Sold page, plus a small landscape section with a few of the newer works. To balance this, I am keeping around 12 or so artworks at ArtGallerySW, which is a much larger platform and gets more visitors. See link at bottom of page. This reduction may already have been done by the time this update goes online.

Last year's local exhibitions suffered enormously from the economic climate and it isn't likely to improve for some time to come. I'm also getting older and often rather less productive than in past years, so having a smaller website will mean fewer spaces to fill, with pictures. We'll see how it goes, but I think that 2025 (or maybe even 24) might be the last year that I run my own site. Many years ago there was far less competition from other painters and also from bigger platforms such as the major online galleries that you now see. It all adds up to someone having to spend more and more time sat at a computer trying to promote a personal website...and it is now becoming more and more complex to do (and expensive). There are a number of well-organised website-portfolio providers online that provide good quality designs and templates, whereby you can simply upload your pictures plus text and get something that looks good. I'm using one for the experimental and abstract paintings, it keeps them separate from my usual work and costs nothing.



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