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If you've had a link with me in the past and wish to re-establish it with a new one, please email me. Requests from art, craft and creative-type sites will be acknowledged, also art gallery and retail. However I reserve the right to reject any that I personally find distasteful or inappropriate.


Jackson's Artists Supplies

Original Art Under £100

Original Art Under £100; Niche UK site for high quality affordable artwork, both under and over 100. (I have a number of pictures here).

Small Art Stuff

More of my smaller paintings, a mix of pastels and oils..

E Frame

Picture frames from eFRAME.


Ken Bushe

Ken Bushe, contemporary Scottish painter (RIP Ken, 2016).

Valerie Ganz

Valerie Ganz, fine artist based in South Wales.

Affordable British Art

Online gallery of British artists.

Affordable British Art

The Artist's Studio

Online gallery of artists, mainly British.

The Artist's Studio

Derek McCrea

Derek McCrea

Hackney Art

Hackney Art online gallery

Judy Adamson

Judy Adamson Art and Design

Brian Owens

His site is a window on the work and life of Brian R. Owens- sculptor, painter, portrait artist, historian and writer. Owens' studio is located near Orlando, Florida.

Brian Owens Art

CraftWorld Online Arts and Crafts Directory

CraftWorld directory


Pullingers Art Supplies

Pullingers Art Supplies. Good site for art materials, particularly pencils.


Monthly competitions for artists and photographers. Excellent digital catalogues of previous winning entrants; and guidance for artist careers.



Fascinating linework, organic shapes, beautiful patterns.


Mekdam Nima

Mekdam Nima Mekdam is a Canadian contemporary artist. His oil paintings are inspired by his love of life, people, and landscape. The Oil-Painting-on-Canvas website is dedicated to people who are inspired by love, and who inspire others to love.

Rob Lorenson

Rob Lorenson, sculptor Informative and photographic site for internationally recognized sculptor Rob Lorenson. He works primarily in stainless steel and other metals. He has an extensive resume of exhibitions and commissions throughout North America. He is an associate professor of Art-Sculpture at Bridgewater State College, Bridgewater, MA .

William Nutt, sculptor

William Nutt, sculptor; Original stone sculpture featuring small reliefs to large in-the-round stone carvings in marble, limestone and dolomite.

Buying and Contact

Paintings are available directly from the platforms/galleries mentioned above; but can also be reserved/purchased from the artist via Paypal invoicing. In all cases, the work is dispatched directly from the painter. Any queries can be made to sales [at]

About the Artist

Christine has painted for several decades, but the greater volume of her activity has been since 2005. She joined evening classes in the 1970's, starting with oils and tackling mainly local landscape features. While in search of a mental break from oils, she was encouraged to try pastels, since these are another opaque medium. Despite exploring other avenues such as acrylic and semi-abstracted styles, she has come back again to pastels and alternates these with oils when she wishes. Subject- matter has varied widely, with florals occupying a long stretch of time through the 90's and 2000's. At this point (2016) a body of skyscape work has been forming, in both media. She belongs to very few groups, preferring to do the bulk of her creativity alone. Paintings can be found online at, and Christine lives in England, UK.

Geographic location: 4 Hillside Cottages, Barrow Gurney, North Somerset BS48 3RX England.