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I am happy to exchange links with other websites, as long as they relate to painting, drawing, sculpture, crafts or similar. Your site should ideally have a similar Links or Resources page and also be actually attached to your website...not down a side-alley of other directories. Text or small logos welcome. Linking to those viewed as "competitors" is usually frowned on, but the world---and Internet--- is still large enough to accommodate us all.

Jackson's Artists Supplies

Original Art Under £100

Original Art Under £100; Niche UK site for high quality affordable artwork, both under and over 100. (I have a number of pictures here).

Picture frames from eFRAME.


Art Web

Christine's ArtWeb pages, including a number of earlier paintings.

Ken Bushe

Ken Bushe, contemporary Scottish painter (RIP Ken, 2016).


Free art tutorials for beginners, by Dan Scott

The Artist's Studio

Online gallery of artists, mainly British.

The Artist's Studio

Art Majeur

Large Online Community and Gallery

Derek McCrea

Derek McCrea

Hackney Art

Hackney Art online gallery

Judy Adamson

Judy Adamson Art and Design

Brian Owens

His site is a window on the work and life of Brian R. Owens- sculptor, painter, portrait artist, historian and writer. Owens' studio is located near Orlando, Florida.

Brian Owens Art

Pullingers Art Supplies

Pullingers Art Supplies. Good site for art materials, particularly pencils.


Monthly competitions for artists and photographers. Excellent digital catalogues of previous winning entrants; and guidance for artist careers.



Fascinating linework, organic shapes, beautiful patterns.


Mekdam Nima

Mekdam Nima Mekdam is a Canadian contemporary artist. His oil paintings are inspired by his love of life, people, and landscape. The Oil-Painting-on-Canvas website is dedicated to people who are inspired by love, and who inspire others to love.

Rob Lorenson

Rob Lorenson, sculptor Informative and photographic site for internationally recognized sculptor Rob Lorenson. He works primarily in stainless steel and other metals. He has an extensive resume of exhibitions and commissions throughout North America. He is an associate professor of Art-Sculpture at Bridgewater State College, Bridgewater, MA .

William Nutt, sculptor

William Nutt, sculptor; Original stone sculpture featuring small reliefs to large in-the-round stone carvings in marble, limestone and dolomite.

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