Born in Somerset, England; Christine began painting at local art classes in the 1970's, not long after leaving school and starting work. Lessons were mainly in oils or watercolours and she chose the oils. She continued with evening classes and a day class for the next eight years, going through all the usual learning curves, mistakes and problems just like everyone else; but at the same time getting a feel for subject-matter and also taking part in the group's annual local shows.

In the early 1980's her local group was closed and she moved further away from the area; continuing to paint alone with no other art group support until the late 1990's. She entered local shows and also was successful in gaining acceptance to the large open-art contest at The Royal Bath and West Show, Shepton Mallet on two successive years. During this long period of isolated learning, Christine continued with just the oils, trying local landscapes; eventually picking up a few other media to play with, such as gouache and watercolour pencils. These however never fully developed into a second interest; and it was not until the late 80's that she was encouraged to try pastels as a combination of very direct drawing and painting.

In the 1990s Christine began to explore floral subjects, trying them in all the media she had available at that time, and working with subject-matter available immediately to her, in the garden. Her first floral painting was sold in 1998 at a local show; a thistle painted in acrylic.

Christine's main subjects today are floral, still life and mainly local landscape themes. For these she will move between oils and pastels, sometimes painting the same subject twice, with each medium. Why paint? She likes atmospheric style landscapes; mist, storm, cloud formations, effects of light, even nocturnes. The transparency of glass or glint of metal in a still life; the complexity of a single flower or the shimmering of a flower mass.

Having had a scientific working background, the advent of the Internet found Christine taking a considerable interest in website-building; and her first website went online in 1998. Three years later she upgraded it to a proper domain and has kept it running ever since. The early 2000s was a period of some expansion online; Christine took part in forums and selling on Ebay, for several years (until Ebay degraded the artists' categories). She joined the UK's national Society for Amateur Artists (now called Society of All Artists) in 1992, linking up with a local group. She was a member of the now defunct Zero-One Art online gallery; spent a short while with both Mini Gallery and ArtGallery; joined Original-Art-Under100 back in 2013, where she is still a member; and more recently linked with

Christine's pictures are rarely large; most being 12 to 16 inches or less. Christine particularly likes small-format styles, occasionally working as small as three inches (ACEO art card editions and originals category). In 2020, with all physical art exhibitions unavailable, Christine is continuing to paint on most days, aiming to improve techniques and build a larger collection of finished works, both for online placement and purchase; and also to experiment with new approaches to old subjects.

UPDATE: Moving into 2021, one of those new approaches is actually a basic one---returning to drawing, in either pencil or ink. By exploring the subject without having to worry about colour, Christine can look at form, lines and details. It also permits the more unusual themes, close-focus, monochrome and tonal. Some works may eventually lead on to a colour painting. Buildings are beginning to feature more. Christine plans to include flower subjects when the seasons come around again to provide material.

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