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about me

Christine has painted for several decades, but the greater volume of her activity has been since 2005. She joined beginners' evening classes in the 1970's, starting with oils and tackling mainly local landscape features. In the 1980's, while in search of a mental break from oils, she was encouraged to try soft pastels since these are another opaque medium and also very direct in technique. Subject-matter has varied widely, with florals occupying a long stretch of time through the 90's and 2000's in various formats; on large canvases and small boards.
As 2019 approaches, Christine is reviewing her subjects and priorities. Floral and still life will continue to feature, with pastels becoming more dominant. Landscape themes are chosen when clouds are a strong feature, or an "intimate", close-up type of landscape presents itself. Most works are a modest size, making them suitable for almost any location. Larger pieces (20 inches/50cm and greater) are experimental, often in oils, and may appear in her other gallery web-pages. These act as a break away from close-focused tighter work.
Christine belongs to very few groups, preferring to do the bulk of her creativity alone. She has supported her local-area exhibitions for over thirty five years. She tends to paint what she likes, rather than what is popular. Paintings can be found online at; and
Christine lives in England, UK.

Geographic location: Bristol area, North Somerset England.


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Geographic location: Bristol area, North Somerset England.