Original paintings and drawings of floral and landscape subjects, using pastels, oils and occasionally other media.


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Christine works with several media, moving from one to another according to the content and theme of her chosen subjects. She started with oils in the 1970's and later took up with soft pastels when searching for a second medium to use. These tend to still remain her favourites after many years of trying out most types of paint, pencils and inks on the market. She paints mainly middle to smaller-sized works; average size being around 16 to 20 inches (40 to 50cm). However...Smaller sizes are a very strong point for this artist; these paintings are usually traditional in style and subject, and the really small-scale ones are most likely to be oil or occasionally acrylic on board.

Floral work especially features at these small sizes. Christine keeps options open and switches media now and then for a break. Subjects range around florals and also land or seascape themes, all based on direct interaction, drawings, photos, places visited, first impressions, recollected thoughts. Christine does not settle for one medium or one subject-style, although pastels are very dominant and will eventually form the bulk of her pictures. Please note that this website is display only; sale of pictures is through several outlets, such as original-Art-Under100.com; and DailypaintWorks.com.


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